20/05/2019 07:00pm

Code your first Web Scraper

Are you trying to (legally) collect public information on several websites? Or maybe you’re just wondering how web scraping works?
Building a web scraper may sound complex, but it’s actually at your fingertips!

In this workshop, we’ll explain the different usage of a web scraper. We’ll then cover the basic notions needed to build one: understanding HTML/CSS, how to select elements, store data, and a few Ruby methods and gems: open-uri and Nokogiri.


• What’s a web scraper?
• HTML/CSS basics
• Selecting elements in HTML
• Storing data: CSV
• Ruby basic methods for scraping
• Installing and working with gems: open-uri and Nokogiri
• Time to build your scraper!


• This is a workshop for half-beginners
• Basic notions of HTML/CSS and Ruby
• Bring your laptop!

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