24/09/2019 07:30pm The Hive Jinnan

Hive Screening: Paprika

The Hive Screening returns featuring the internationally acclaimed Japanese animation, Paprika.🎬

The inspiration behind the Hollywood hit Inception, Paprika tells the tale of a research psychologist who helps her patients by entering their own dreams. 💭

🎟 Reserve your seat here:

✔️Location: the Hive Jinnan
✔️Date: September 24
✔️Time: 7:30pm start
✔️Admission: Free for members / 500 for nonmembers
🍿🥤Snacks provided and drinks available for purchase

From Rotten Tomatoes 🍅
“In this Japanese anime epic, humanity’s last bastion of privacy has finally been infiltrated by technology, the world of our dreams. The story centers on a new invention called the DC-Mini. With this revolutionary device, psychiatrists are now able to enter a patient’s dreams in a therapeutic setting. But when an unknown assailant steals all of the devices, using them to enter peoples minds enacting mind control, chaos ensues as dreams begin to bleed into reality, and the thin line between the conscious and the unconscious begins to blur. Enter a young female researcher named Chiba, who takes it upon herself to delve into the newly anarchic dream world in order to set things straight. In this surreal realm her name is Paprika, and she’s out to save the world. Bursting with fantastic imagery and breathtakingly innovative animation.”

🎥 Watch the trailer for Paprika here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yn7U1KIGeuQ

📍 Where: The Hive Jinnan
📆 When: September 24th, 7:30pm-9:30pm

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