Vegan Business Meet-up

A casual networking event for those who are involved/interested in vegan business. Depending on number of participants, there will be open mike time (for those interested) to briefly introduce their businesses.

This event is for those already involved in vegan business, those considering getting into vegan business, or people offering a service that might be beneficial to those running vegan businesses (web design, SNS, influencer, chef, admin, marketing, etc ).

Of course, you are welcome to attend whether you are vegan yourself or not!

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📅Date/日: Sept 9th, 2022 (Fri)
⏰Time/時間: 6:30pm to 8:30pm
📍Where/会場: the Hive Jinnan
💵 General Admission/参加費: ¥2000 (includes 2 drink tickets)

9/9(金)、東京にて初のヴィーガンビジネスミートアップをthe Hive Jinnan(ザ・ハイブ・神南)にて開催します!
主催者:ヴィーガン コンサルティング ジャパン(主宰:サオリ&ナディア)
ヴィーガン コンサルティング ジャパンを立ち上げてから、ヴィーガンビジネスの横の繋がりがあまりないことに気づきました。

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